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Principal’s Posts

January 2023



* Happy New Year!!

*  100th Day of School is January 26

* Please make sure you are paying your child’s lunch bills.  We only allow up to $15.00 to be charged. You may pay their bill by placing the money in a sealed envelope or baggy with their name, amount & lunch money labeled on it and give it to your child’s teacher.  

* Every Friday OPAA will be selling cookies for .25 cents. We are allowing 2 cookies per kid so please try to send the exact change.  If you want your child to have one please put the money in a sealed envelope or baggy with their name & cookie labeled on it. 

* Remember to use our crosswalks for the safety of your child and yourself.  Also, please be kind to crosswalk ladies and pay special attention to those specific areas.

*Please make sure that you put your child’s name in their coats, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.  We always have tons of lost coats, sweatshirts, etc found with no names.  

* Mitch McGill is our new school resource officer at Sulphur Public Schools.  We are very excited to have him on our team.  

Upcoming dates:

January 3                                       Return to school

                                                       Beautiful Day lunch

January 16                                     Professional Day-no school


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